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The new album is finally here.

It’s hard to quantify the amount of effort and love that went into the making of The Burden of Unshakeable Proof.  We spent two years and pretty much every penny we had and some we didn’t to build a professional-grade recording studio. We wrote and demoed 27 songs, brought together amazing musicians from all around the world, and launched an ongoing crowdfunding campaign to distribute the album and to release it on vinyl.  This is the most important album I have ever made; a collection of songs that mean very much to me on both a  personal and professional level.

This album represents a milestone in my career, and I am so very grateful to all the fans and musicians who contributed so much time, support, and energy to make it a reality.  I believe the future of music will continue to be collaboration between artists and their fans to create meaningful art.

In this spirit, I ask you to join my fan club.  For a small annual contribution, you get access to my entire back catalog, all future releases, and exclusive music, videos and updates.  You’ll also get to hear the music before anyone else does, and you will be an active, sustaining part of helping us continue to create new music.  And that’s really what this is all about, right?



Jul 30
Sat 9:00 pm
Badia Music Days  Badia Music Days 2016 Strada San Linert 10, Badia - Abtei, Bolzano, Italy (map)
Jul 31
Sun 9:30 pm
Surfer Joe Tiki Room  Radio Folk Night Piazzale Mascagni 2 , Livorno, Livorno, Italy (map)
Aug 13
Sat 9:30 pm
Chiostro di San Rocco  CoccoBello 2016 Via San Rocco 5, Carpi, Modena, Italy (map)
Aug 17
Wed 9:00 pm
Cortile Ex Convento del Fino del Monte  Lontano Da.... Via da Fin, Fino del Monte, Bergamo, Italy (map)
Aug 18
Thu 9:00 pm
Lido Mad Hops  Lido Mad Hops 2016 Marone, Brescia, Italy


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