Come and Get It…

I’m getting organized for an awful lot of touring in 2013, and I need to make some room in my storage unit.

Until December 31, you can buy ANY of my albums for $5 directly from me. Build up your back catalog!  Shipping is FREE in the US and $5-10 internationally (depending on how many albums you purchase).

You can buy any combination of albums  – want 5 Christmas CDs?  Done!  Want to stock up on a few of my early album for friends? Easy.  Just click on the Paypal button below! In the “notes to seller” section, just tell me which CDs you’d like (title(s) and quantity). You can find my catalog listed here.

**UPDATE** “Sparkler” is now sold out.

Thanks for giving my storage unit a breather! :)
xoxo – vanessa

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Gettin’ Sticky Wid It

Vanessa Peters Sticker

Perfect for the fridge, binder, car bumper, or guitar case in your life!

Stickers came in the mail today!  They are ready to be a part of your life and are FREE at a show or as part of a pre-order of the new album.  YES!  -v

Because You Can Never Have Enough Swag

Nothing like a few days of torrential downpour, hail, and deafening thunder to make you appreciate a little sunshine. Great glowing ball in the sky, I’m awfully happy to see you again.

Speaking of sunbursts: there’s a new tee design! It’s got a cool sunburst on it.

snazzy new Vanessa Peters tees as modeled by all-together too cool kids. 

You can order yours through BandCamp as part of the pre-order of the new album. If you have any questions about colors, fit, sizing, or my favorite kind of tea, feel free to send me an email.

love and sunbursts!