birthday wishes

Good morning!

I love writing posts from another time zone.
It’s 2:00 pm here and even if I’m just getting productive.
I still get to say with a straight face
because it is still morning for y’all. 🙂

It’s my birthday!
I’ll even tell you how old I am
(Wikipedia already does it for me).

I am 35.
I told myself when I was 25 that if I wasn’t a “successful” musician by 30 years old, that I would quit.
I tried to quit, and I couldn’t, and I’m still at it…
Thanks in large part of all of you.

I no longer know what constitutes success as a musician.
But I know I’m still having fun, and I know I am SUPER proud
of the album that Rip and I just made.
(I’m listening right now).

We’re hoping to release it in early 2016.
You can help us get there (maybe even sooner)
by subscribing on the Bandcamp page.

You’ll get my entire back catalog for FREE on Bandcamp, as well as ALL future digital releases as long as you remain a subscriber, plus previews of tracks from the new album…. in short, it’s more VP than you’ll know what to do with.

If you have any questions at all about the way this works, check out my blog post, or feel free to email me. I’m always happy to chat.

If you’ve been waiting to subscribe but just haven’t yet,
then here’s my little girl birthday wish, blowing out my candles…. let’s hit 100 subscribers today. 🙂
That’s less than 1/20th of the folks subscribed on this list. We can do this.

love and lots of cake,


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