winding down this very strange year...

it's cold outside, and way too dark for 5 pm.
i never really minded daylight savings time until i moved farther north...and now it's really just too dark, too soon. it's been foggy lately so when i wake up, it's gray and blurry, and it lasts until 1 or 2 pm... and by 5 pm it's dark again. it's enough to make you make a sad record. oh wait...

i've been at home a bit lately, working on the new record, planning tours, planning the artwork, planning all the planning that goes into it all. i try not to read the paper too much - all this talk of the financial crisis makes me worried that people will stop buying music. yes, i know there are a lot more pertinent things to worry about, but people not buying music is equivalent to me losing my job... so i hope things turn around sooner rather than later.

the album is coming along really well. for those of you that pre-ordered, we posted an unmixed version of "st anthony." thanks to all of you who wrote us and told us you liked it. :) we'll post something else again soon. manuel has been hard at work in his underground studio, playing twangy instruments like the dobro and the banjo. i sang a few harmony vocals and now we're just waiting on the cello to come rolling in and we'll pretty much be ready to hand it over to salim and rip for the mixing.

this week we're headed to places we've never been for shows we've never played - in rimini, trani, and teramo. i hope it's a little sunnier (and warmer) on the coast and down south! it's cold here in the valley. but at least it's olive picking time and that means.... olio nuovo! there are few things yummier on this planet than garlic-rubbed bruschetta, drizzled with new olive oil and dusted with sea salt. my mouth is watering...

we're hoping next year to tour everywhere - the usa, europe, and maybe even canada this time. again, i guess a lot of it will depend on gas prices, and on whether or not venues can afford to pay us, and if people can afford to pay cover to come see us. i guess i started this music thing about five years too late. we'll see if we can weather the storm. if not it'll just make for more good sad songs. :)

i'm off to cuddle up next to the fireplace with a book. i feel like i've earned it.
love to you all and to all a good night,

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