206 Bones

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The new t-shirt design is here! It was designed by Jack Russell of Whiskey Folk Ramblers and I love it with all of my 206 bones AND my one heart. 🙂 We’re only ordering a few of these so make sure to snag one by pre-ordering today! xoxo! v

vanessa peters the burden of unshakeable proof

the burden of unshakeable proof

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happy new year! I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with the new album. We have been working on this album for what feels like forever. I am so ready for you to hear it. It’s called The Burden of Unshakeable Proof and if that doesn’t make you tap […]


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I am grateful for so many things this year.  Grateful for my health and that of those around me, for the love of a good man, for the love of so many friends and family, for those of you that listen to my music with your hearts, for the fact that I am still making […]

give back

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UPDATE 1/1/2016: We raised $120 for the North Texas Food Bank, which will provide meals for 360 kids. Thanks for helping out at a time of year when everyone’s pocket books are a little empty. It is so appreciated!! From now until December 31:  50% of ALL sales or subscriptions via Bandcamp or Paypal will […]

$ five $

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Happy Friday!! Want to knock out some holiday shopping fast? Until December 21, any CD of mine is only $5. Order at least 2 and US shipping is FREE. I will sign them(if you wish) and send them anywhere in the US for you. Just email me! Tell me which albums you want (list below) […]

quarterly quarters

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I bring this up quarterly because I think it’s important to talk about and to consider. Long ago, I had two songs placed on Keeping Up with The Kardashians. 20-30 second snippets of “Love Story” and “The Next Big Bang.” Background music, a placement of the lowest order. Still, that was 5+ years ago, and […]

birthday wishes

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Good morning! I love writing posts from another time zone. It’s 2:00 pm here and even if I’m just getting productive. I still get to say with a straight face GOOD MORNING because it is still morning for y’all. 🙂 It’s my birthday! I’ll even tell you how old I am (Wikipedia already does it […]

mission statement – make more music.

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So it’s time to do something different. Most of you know that we just spent two years building our own studio. It took way longer and cost way more than we had planned for (even taking into account that […]

danny flasks / new music / kessler

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Some quick news and updates! We had an excellent time recording (and playing shows) with Daniele Fiaschi while he was in Texas with us. We already can’t wait until he comes back for another round of shows, hopefully in 2016. Thank you so very much to everyone who came out to The Foundry and the […]