danny flasks / new music / kessler

Some quick news and updates!

We had an excellent time recording (and playing shows) with Daniele Fiaschi while he was in Texas with us. We already can’t wait until he comes back for another round of shows, hopefully in 2016. Thank you so very much to everyone who came out to The Foundry and the DMA for the Dallas shows.

We did a lot of pre-production on about 20 (!) songs and were joined in the studio by our good friends Jason Garner, John Dufilho, and Salim Nourallah on some tracks. I can’t wait to start sharing new music with you! Look for a crowd-funding announcement to launch sometime very soon.

AND! Awesome news. I am opening for The Killdares at the Kessler Theater on August 22! I am so excited to finally be playing this marvelous room. This will probably be my last show in the US until December so come say hi & goodbye.

love and flying horses,