give back

UPDATE 1/1/2016:

We raised $120 for the North Texas Food Bank, which will provide meals for 360 kids. Thanks for helping out at a time of year when everyone’s pocket books are a little empty. It is so appreciated!!

From now until December 31:  50% of ALL sales or subscriptions via Bandcamp or Paypal will be donated to the North Texas Food BankBetter yet – I set *all* of the digital albums to Name Your Own Price. Why Bandcamp and Paypal? Because they are the only sites where I can keep track of sales in real-time, and they  take the smallest cut of the sale, allowing me to donate more money directly to the food bank. I will post the total donation here on January 1st along with the sales sheet for accountability.

Please share this around and let’s give back to those most in need during the holiday season.

With love!