it’s show time!

so much going on right now, i don’t even know where to start.
the studio is up and running! it took every ounce of sweat and every penny we had, as well as pennies we didn’t have and sweat we had to borrow from others. there will be much more info on the studio coming soon, as well as info about new music, but there’s time for that. first, things that are happening THIS WEEKEND.

our amazing guitar player from italy, daniele fiaschi, is flying into town to do some recording with us tomorrow.
we’ll be holed up in the studio for 10 days, but we’ll be coming up for air twice at the end of this week, so mark your calendars.

friday july 17 – dallas museum of art
saturday july 18 – the foundry

both of those shows are full-band shows with daniele on electric and rip on drums and keys.
nicholas altobelli and his band will be joining us at the foundry on saturday. he’s got a great new album, searching through that minor key – make sure you to listen to it on his site.

looking forward to seeing you guys on saturday at the foundry!