mission statement – make more music.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
So it’s time to do something different.

Most of you know that we just spent two years building our own studio. It took way longer and cost way more than we had planned for (even taking into account that we would certainly go over budget and that it would take longer than expected. 🙂 ) A lot of folks thought we were crazy to do it, especially given the state of the music business.

But we love making music. And over the last few years, I’ve amassed a pile of new songs that I’ve been waiting patiently/impatiently to record. And now we here are!

We get to approach these new songs differently than ever before – we get to do it all in house (yay for pajama recording sessions!).

In turn, we would like to approach the funding side of things a little differently.
Crowdfunding is a great thing, and I still intend to use it to raise funds for special projects like vinyl releases and music videos. But this isn’t that – this is not funding one project. You’re about to become a patron. A Medici, if you will. You can be Cosimo or Caterina. They were all a little quirky, take your pick.


Hello, Caterina. Hello, Cosimo.

Here’s how this works.

Hop on over to Bandcamp and check out the page.
You subscribe for an annual fee, and in exchange you get my entire back catalog (digitally), but MORE IMPORTANTLY, you get all sorts of exclusives, videos, perks, and NEW MUSIC before the general world does. This is the most direct and personal way to support the creation of the new album(s) in the works. When you subscribe, it allows me to release new music directly TO YOU on my schedule without having to adhere to an arbitrary record release date.

Why are we doing it here on Bandcamp?
Well, Bandcamp is awesome. IMHO, they are the only ones who really get it. They provide digital in all formats, including lossless and DRM free, because they know that independence and high-fidelity matter. They give artists 100% complete control over their pages because, well, they know it’s OURS. They have great customer service and dang it, if I am going to partner with anyone to get my music out to you, I want it to be with them.

So, what’s in it for you?

At EVERY level, you’ll get access to:
*unreleased demos
*subscriber-only bonus songs
*my entire back catalog via Bandcamp
*ALL future albums via Bandcamp as long as you are a subscriber
*a yearly postcard for your birthday 🙂


*access to the subscribers-only feed, where we’ll post private videos of studio time, as well as photos and other updates from recording and our weird but also mundane day-to-day lives.

*a 15% discount on any physical items you order through Bandcamp… physical CDs, t-shirts, even vinyl (one day)

We’ll offer other surprise exclusives along the way for subscribers only.

The first tier works out to less than $2/month. Basically you’re buying me a cup of coffee and a donut each month, and if you know me at all, you know how happy that makes me. 🙂

So let’s do this! Thanks for getting creative with me and trying to figure out a way to make this work.
I appreciate your support SO VERY MUCH.

Here’s the Bandcamp Subscription Page.

Thank you.

PS – I know this may not be the thing for all of you. You’ll still be able to pre-order the new album farther down the road, and I will still be releasing my albums in CD-format and vinyl (eventually). This is just for those of you that are interested in hearing more music, from unreleased versions to studio demos to final songs prior to the album’s actual release. If that sounds like you, hop aboard!

recording the guitar for "206 bones."
recording the guitar for “206 bones.”