Modern Age

Currently crowdfunding the upcoming album Modern Age.  Visit the Kickstarter page for pre-orders and more information.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time writing and planning an album. Sometimes, the stars align and songs come together in what feels like an instant. “Modern Age” came about like that, out of the clear blue sky.

Last fall, the band and I were on tour in Europe and had a few days off. In that time, we fired up a mobile recording studio and recorded demos of some new songs that I was working on. Many of them didn’t even have finished lyrics, some were missing chords.

But what came out of those sessions was pure, unadulterated magic.  We’ve stumbled on a new formula, mixing my songwriting style with the band’s fresh, indie-rock sound. I’ve never been so excited about a batch of songs in my whole life!!!  I simply cannot wait to bring these songs to fruition.

The Project

This is the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken.  This isn’t the kind of album where we noodle around in the studio for a few months until it’s done.  To pull it off, we need to get the whole band together for a week of dedicated recording. We’ve booked a killer studio in Austin, where the studio owner (a VP fan) has graciously reduced his fee for studio time to make this self-funded project possible.  Grammy-winning Producer Joe Reyes will be producing the album, with legendary engineer Jim Vollentine (Spoon, Patty Griffin) manning the electro-wizardry.

Our conservative goal is to have everything completed for an album launch January 2021.

Please visit the Kickstarter page to contribute to this project or to pre-order digital download, CD or vinyl.