birthday wishes

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Good morning! I love writing posts from another time zone. It’s 2:00 pm here and even if I’m just getting productive. I still get to say with a straight face GOOD MORNING because it is still morning for y’all. 🙂 It’s my birthday! I’ll even tell you how old I am (Wikipedia already does it […]

mission statement – make more music.

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So it’s time to do something different. Most of you know that we just spent two years building our own studio. It took way longer and cost way more than we had planned for (even taking into account that […]

danny flasks / new music / kessler

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Some quick news and updates! We had an excellent time recording (and playing shows) with Daniele Fiaschi while he was in Texas with us. We already can’t wait until he comes back for another round of shows, hopefully in 2016. Thank you so very much to everyone who came out to The Foundry and the […]

it’s show time!

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so much going on right now, i don’t even know where to start. the studio is up and running! it took every ounce of sweat and every penny we had, as well as pennies we didn’t have and sweat we had to borrow from others. there will be much more info on the studio coming […]

spring, and then summer.

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I can’t believe it’s almost june. this year has been a blur so far. a mostly happy blur, occasionally interrupted by sharp pointy objects in my eye. the long tour is complete. #vptour2015, yo. i don’t even know how to wrap it up in a quick blog post. we ate the world’s best french fries, […]

This Went Well

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Two months down, 1 month to go. We had a wacky two months, playing shows up and down the boot with our new friend and rock-compatriot, Daniele Fiaschi, and our old friend and guitar guru Joe Reyes. The shows that we were able to play were excellent and we were so happy to see so […]

week 3 … save ferris.

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Ciao everyone! A quick note from the road… or not the road, because we kind of got steered off the road and into a ditch. We had a fabulous first week of shows with Daniele Fiaschi. What a great guitar player, and what a nice guy. We’re so grateful to MC Hansen (of The Sentimentals) […]