1/25/2016: Update! We’ve hit our first goal!
THANK YOU to everyone who has pre-ordered so far!

We have raised $4200 so far.
We are trying to get to $6000 in order
to cover all initial production costs.

You can purchase packages 1-5 through Bandcamp
or right here on my store or by emailing me directly.
All levels include US shipping.

—->>> The easiest pre-order of all:
a digital pre-order (comes with PDF of liner notes) is only $9.
You get the album in any format you want – mp3, WAV, lossless FLAC, etc.

LEVEL 1 :: digital download + signed full-color CD with liner notes & lyrics + sticker – $20
**bring a friend along!  For $5/CD, you can order as many pre-order copies as you like in order to gift them to others**
In other words – $25 gets you 2, $30 gets you 3, etc.

NEW LEVEL! Let’s call it LEVEL 1A: pledgers-exclusive tee + digital download – $20

LEVEL 2 ::  pledgers-exclusive tee  + back catalog album of your choice +  level 1 – $50
LEVEL 3 ::  your name in the liner notes as a backer + levels 1 & 2 – $100
LEVEL 4 :: handwritten lyrics to a song of your choosing, in a moleskine or on frameable paper  + levels 1-2 – $140
LEVEL 5 ::  personalized 3-5 song EP. You choose the songs, I’ll record acoustic versions for you + levels 1, 2, 4 – $270


For these packages below, please email me directly so that we can coordinate logistics.

They all include levels 1-5 from above.
Visit a recording session here in Dallas (or via Skype) – $300
Private acoustic concert for you and up to 12 friends here at the studio – $500
Private acoustic house concert at your home –  within 400 miles of Dallas, $500.
Elsewhere in the continental US, $700.
In Europe?  Let’s talk possible dates.


Ok, people. THIS IS HAPPENING!!!
Official announcement and pre-order info coming soon. 🙂



I’ll be taking pre-orders until 2/5/16.

All orders will be mailed by 2/20/16 (but quite probably sooner).
That’s all for now.  Thanks for hanging in there all the way to the bottom.

PLEASE feel free to share this page with friends or
fellow music-lovers that you think might be interested.

Go to the store.

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  1. Thank you James! If vinyl makes, you’re welcome just to use that payment for vinyl instead of the CD. We’ll talk as we get closer. 🙂

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