quarterly quarters

I bring this up quarterly because I think it’s important to talk about and to consider.

Long ago, I had two songs placed on Keeping Up with The Kardashians. 20-30 second snippets of “Love Story” and “The Next Big Bang.” Background music, a placement of the lowest order.

Still, that was 5+ years ago, and I still receive a tiny royalty every quarter – about $12 this quarter.

To put that in perspective:

This quarter, for over 10000 plays on Spotify and Pandora, I received… $1.74
$1.60 from Pandora, and FOURTEEN CENTS from Spotify.

This is why I come to you, my listeners and presumably my fans (why else did you like this page, why else are you signed up on the mailing list?). This is why I come to you and ask you to do wacky new innovative things like subscribe to Bandcamp.

I know the model is new and maybe doesn’t work for everyone. I’m exploring other possibilities. But I think it’s important to keep trying to innovate, and keep releasing as much music as I can, and to partner with companies that try to do GOOD for the artists they work with.

If you want to support the music I make, consider a yearly subscription.
$20/year is $1.67/month.
If you have questions about how it works, just email me. I always respond. 🙂


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