Snazzy New Website!

Actual toast
Actual toast (as eaten by elves)
We’ve been feeding our elves whole-grain toast and french-press coffee every morning for a week, and you’d be amazed at how productive they can be when we put their stubby little noses to the grindstone.

elves + coffee + toast + grindstone = NEW WEBSITE!

This has been a week of dealing with technojank. Facebook ate my music page and then spit it back up in a slightly modified version and meanwhile, I accidentally released my entire album on SoundCloud, for free, for a few hours, thanks to some kind of nefarious Twitter-SoundCloud bait-and-switch. I think I’ve eliminated the traces of its existence, but if you see a shadowy mp3 of “grateful” lurking on a bit torrent somewhere, holla.

The only thing, technologically speaking, that has gone right this week is the NEW WEBSITE (thanks largely to the size of my grindstone). The new website should play nicely with your phone (if it doesn’t, let us know) and it lets you share posts to Twitter and Facebook and Hooziedoodle and I suggest that you do just that. The world is a nicer place when we share.

Let me know what you think of the new website! And in a few days, I’ll let you know how to PRE-ORDER the new album. OH YES.

vp elves for president!