spring, and then summer.

I can’t believe it’s almost june.
this year has been a blur so far.
a mostly happy blur, occasionally interrupted by sharp pointy objects in my eye.

the long tour is complete. #vptour2015, yo.
i don’t even know how to wrap it up in a quick blog post.
we ate the world’s best french fries, played tiny stages that had giant heart and giant stages with tiny hearts, we drove halfway around the world (something like 22000 km), we were sick then sicker and then SO HAPPY to finally be well again…. then we somehow got sick again. But then we really did get well. And we played shows with friends from all over the world, some of whom flew thousands of miles to be with us on stage (thank you Joe!), and some of whom we drove thousands of miles to join on stage in their part of the world. we played to wonderful audiences, and got great reviews on the new album, and from a personal satisfaction point of view, the tour was a success.

we lost a lot of money. [whomp, sad face, etc].
but that pretty much happens these days on tour. as pomplemoose so aptly displayed in a recent post on medium, touring is expensive. our album sales were good, but not good enough to offset the costs of being on the road. c’est la vie. we knew when we put the key in the ignition that it would take a miracle to come out on the side of profit, and we fired up the engine anyway. stupidity or bravery, just depends on whether you’re glass-half-full kind of person.

i’m really proud of us for seeing it through, mostly in good humor. it helped to be in good company as we went, and for that we tip our hats to daniele, joe, alex & birgit, mc, nikolaj, and jacob. and to everyone who hosted us: klaus & dagmar, hanneke & arie, all of the good airbnb people who rented us warm & cozy homes at affordable prices. I’m sure I’m forgetting to thank someone, but my brain is finally on vacation and it’s kind of warm and soft like the gummy bears in the pocket of that nerdy chick on the bus at the end of ferris bueller’s day off. stay with me.

soon we’ll be back in texas. we’ve got some great shows coming up in the D/FW area with Daniel Markham and Daniele Fiaschi, and plan to add a few more in texas. we’ll be doing a lot of recording this summer. i don’t know when we’ll hit the road again. we had a small east coast tour planned for june but we had to scrap it (sorry jim, gary, ed, mike, robin, and karen, and everyone else who was helping us plan) because we’re too broke and our backs are too damn out of whack to do those miles right now. but we will, i promise.

for now i am happy to catch up on some reading, play my guitar without particular purpose, eat too much food, and enjoy the sun (FINALLY). it’s been a long winter, and spring is finally here (though it almost feels like summer in this part of the world), and I couldn’t be happier to see these clear blue skies. And I’m sure the Rangers will be over .500 any day now.

love and gratitude,

2 thoughts on “spring, and then summer.

  1. Thank you, Vanessa, well written!
    Enjoy the summer and a good red.
    Hope to see you again up north. You and The Sentimentals did an *excellent* show at the end oft your long trip. 🙂 I’m playing your records a lot … and I am reminded daily when I look into the rear view mirror of that car. 🙂
    Thanks for being around!

  2. Thank you Martin!! So glad you are enjoying the albums. 🙂 We’ll see you next time!! – vp

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