summer lovin’

Hey y’all,
It feels so good to say y’all again and know that someone will understand me. 🙂
That, of course, means we’re back in Texas for a bit, and we’ve had some great shows since we’ve been home! Fresh off the plane, we played at the AT&T Performing Arts Center with the fantastic Daniel Markham, who will be joining us on electric guitar whenever possible.

AT&T Performing Arts Center, May 2014.
AT&T Performing Arts Center, May 2014. Photo courtesy of Neff Connor, copyright 2014.

We also played down at the Liquid Lounge, and I did a solo set during the inaugural edition of the Dallas Indie Festival, held practically in my backyard down at White Rock Lake. So cool to be able to walk to a gig.

These are my favorite shoes, long and skinny and teal.
These are my favorite shoes, long and skinny and teal.

We’re working on a lot of different projects right now. In a few weeks we’ll release some of the tunes that we recorded in Denmark with The Sentimentals, and hopefully by the end of the summer, we’ll be back in the studio. I have enough material now to work on at least two solo records and maybe a covers record too, so new music is coming soon. I’m also going to try to be better about just releasing things digitally in order to get them out there sooner.
In the meantime, come out and see us at a show in Texas this summer, and whenever possible, we’ll hit the road and come find you wherever you are. We’ve got a show coming up July 23 at a new listening room in town, Vagabond, and we’re stoked. Trio show in a cozy room with great food and killer drinks. See you there! Did I mention it’s FREE?

love and fireflies,

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