Thank You.

CDs! Posters! Tees!
The Mail Room at VP Headquarters

Over the last few days, there’s been an absolute furor on the web about illegal downloads, the future of the music industry, what it means to be an artist and own your content, and why we make music in the first place.

I’ve weighed in on a few Twitter discussions and on Google Plus. It’s been eye-opening and all of the discussions have been civil, if circular. But for now, I’m done debating – I’ve got mailings to do.

And because of those mailings, I just want to say thank you.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to the post office this week, and I will visit them again tomorrow. They know me by name now. My postal lady Kim wants a CD. I live in a good neighborhood.

I’m trying to get the Kickstarter packages mailed out this week, and it’s a daunting task, because there are 200 of them, and everyone has a different combination of sticker/tee/poster/CD/moleskine/love/broccoli. BUT it’s fun. Because I know my fans. I can put names to faces when I write your address on your package. And I know that many of you are as excited about receiving the package as I am to mail it. And that takes the edge off this somewhat contentious discussion about the music biz.

I am grateful for every one of you. I am grateful that you believe in music and you support it. I’m full of optimism about this record and full of gratitude to each of you for helping me make yet another one.
Thank you.