The Burn The Truth The Lies :: Now Available!

CD Cover Original

The long wait is over!
Mostly, anyhow.
Somehow the good folks over at iTunes have spaced out and didn’t release the album today (don’t worry, the elves are HARD AT WORK on this one), but happily, you can find the album just about anywhere else, including Bandcamp, CD Baby, and Amazon. If you live in Dallas, you can also find the album at Good Records (support your local music store!).

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share the album somewhere out in the world – on your Facebook page, via Twitter, or in an email to a friend. Also, if you have a local radio station that plays independent music, please request the album so we can get added to their rotation. The first review of the record came in this morning too, courtesy of Jim Beal Jr at the San Antonio Express News, and it’s fantastic. Thanks Jim!

We’ll be adding photos from the Italian tour soon – tomorrow we play in Piazza Santo Spirito, in the heart of Firenze. If that doesn’t end up being massively photogenic, nothing will.

Big hugs and thank you, as always, for listening.