This Went Well

Two months down, 1 month to go.

We had a wacky two months, playing shows up and down the boot with our new friend and rock-compatriot, Daniele Fiaschi, and our old friend and guitar guru Joe Reyes. The shows that we were able to play were excellent and we were so happy to see so many familiar faces. Grazie a tutti quanti di essere venuti a trovarci!!

We wrapped up the Italian tour with a bang, playing one of our best shows at a lovely venue outside of Verona called Il Giardino Music Club. I’d never been there before but I’m already looking forward to going back – great stage, great audience, all-around a perfect way to wrap up the Italian leg of the tour.

Here’s This Could Go Well from that night:

We’ve added a few other videos as well, including a new song that I’m excited about called Mending Fences. It’s a departure from a lot of my usual themes – heartbreak, lost love, etc – it’s more about the state of the world, the way we find ourselves in the same mess over and over again, the way the past just keeps repeating itself. It’s a song about feeling tired and overwhelmed. But it’s not all doom and gloom… there are two counterpart songs, “Take Heart” and “The Try” waiting to be recorded when we get home, and I promise those will dispel some of the darkness. 🙂

We’re gearing up for a pretty intense final month, and it’s not helping that I’m sick AGAIN… I’ve never been sick this often on tour. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m getting older, or that the weather has been particularly bad on this tour, or some combination of the two, but I’ve been going to bed early, drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins, I don’t smoke, I wear my scarf!! I don’t know what else I could have done differently to protect my health. Being sick always sucks, but being sick on tour is especially brutal.

Tomorrow is April 1 (wow, this year is flying by). We’re picking up our dear friend MC Hansen in Dusseldorf and we’re doing 4 shows with him in NL and DE and then the three of us are headed to Denmark on Easter Sunday to meet up with the rest of the Sentimentals. After that it’s non-stop shows until April 26. Here we go!!

Thanks for all of the good thoughts, we need them. 🙂
Best wishes from all of us and thanks for listening to the music and telling your friends about it.

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