Tra la la la la!

Hey all!
Happy New Year! I feel like I can say that until February 1st. It eases the pain of having to live through January, which has to be my least favorite month. Sorry, January.

Other things that ease the pain of January: being in the studio!

recording the guitar for "206 bones."
recording the guitar for “206 bones.”

Right now we’re working on demos and hoping to have some stuff for you to hear sometime soon. Not sure if we’re releasing one album or maybe two EPs… lots of things in the works though!

Also, I’d like to introduce you to a little side project: Eunice and Bart.

We Are Unstoppable
We Are Unstoppable

Eunice and Bart are a Vanessa Peters cover band, though they do original material from time to time. They’re playing this Saturday night in Dallas – come check them out if you’re around!

Plans for this year include some touring with Eunice and Bart around the US and Europe, as well as some full-band shows here and there. We’ll keep you posted.

Love and best wishes for the new year,