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Lucky (radio edit)

by Vanessa Peters

fan club exclusive


Lucky is such a loaded word. People toss it around disparagingly - "oh, he's not really that talented, just has good luck, or "she didn't really deserve that award/promotion/recognition, she just got lucky." And on the flip side, there are the adages that we make our own luck, and that luck is where preparedness meets opportunity. There are lucky charms that people carry like talismans.

But for me, in this song, the idea of being "lucky" is somehow tied to gratitude. The little items mentioned in the song - the lira, the shoelace, the hairband - aren't lucky charms in any traditional sense, but they are reminders of the past; the small, inconsequential items that you put in your own path to remind yourself of how far you've come, of how you've been down before but always managed to get back up, of how you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trying to do the next right thing.

I love the line - "put on my best shoes and suit up to win, knowing I'm the dark horse, but hoping that I might." Because sometimes it's about faking it until you really believe in yourself. Maybe those little charms have the effect of getting you fired up all over again, knowing it's inside each one of us to pull it off.


I’m still getting used to this place
I closed my eyes and blew away every trace
of anything I might know or recognize
and it’s a little strange to be somewhere
where I have no past to be constantly aware of

and as far as they’re concerned I have nothing
but an empty road behind me and cloudless sky above

so I keep a lucky lire in my pocket
to remind me that money's just a fad
it's just something that we all go through
it's not the object, it's just a thing we had

sometimes this pain just squeezes
it's a like a fist around my heart
and I can't breathe or get my motor to start
I'm at the light in neutral
in need of a good shove
or a friendly face that shows me something that looks like love

but some days it feels like there's nothing
but an empty road before me and thunder from above

so I keep a lucky shoelace in my pocket
to remind me to keep my laces tied
to go through all the motions
of getting dressed to face the day
even when it's terrible outside

starting over all again, when will this ever end
is there a finger on the scales?
'cause there goes the gun, I'm at the line again
another race to run, but someone has to win

so I keep a lucky hairband in my pocket
to remind me to tie my hair up tight
put on my best shoes and suit up to win
knowing I'm the dark horse but hoping that I might


released March 16, 2018
acoustic guitar, vocals: vanessa peters
bass: andy lester
drums: john dufilho
guitar magic: joe reyes
piano: rip rowan
mixed by rip rowan
mastering engineer: dave mcnair


all rights reserved



Vanessa Peters Austin, Texas

Indie singer/songwriter from Texas. Musician, Italophile, Virgo, coffee nerd, food lover, bossy-pants, big ol' softie.
I've released 10+ albums and played over 1000 shows in 11 countries. I'm not done yet.

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