Pick up the Phone (demo)

by Vanessa Peters

fan club exclusive


This is a track that was in the final running to be on the new album, but we've decided to pull it. I feel like we got really close with it, but sonically and thematically, it just doesn't sit well with the other songs. We'll probably take another pass at it for a future record; I have been writing and re-writing this song for at least 4 years now, so no point in getting in a hurry. :)


the city glows as it comes into view
shiny reminders of what I can't undo
see those buildings, how they gleam
burning up what's left of all my dreams

I see your face in the glass and steel
in all the things I could not feel
I see your face in the aftermath
of all those years spent looking back

driving alone
I take the long way home
an endless ache inside my bones
it's all that I can do to not pick up the phone

the city glares at me as I leave town
shaking her fist at me not to come back around
until I've cleaned up the mess I made
but I don't know where to start and I'm always too afraid

cause you aren't there now
you're anywhere
you are off somewhere in outer space

a memory
deep inside of me
that I cannot erase


released June 6, 2018
Vanessa: acoustic, vox
Joe Reyes: guitars
John Dufilho: drums
Andy Lester: bass
Rip Rowan: piano, recording engineer, mix engineer


all rights reserved



Vanessa Peters Austin, Texas

Indie singer/songwriter from Texas. Musician, Italophile, Virgo, coffee nerd, food lover, bossy-pants, big ol' softie.
I've released 10+ albums and played over 1000 shows in 11 countries. I'm not done yet.

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