week 3 … save ferris.

Ciao everyone!
A quick note from the road… or not the road, because we kind of got steered off the road and into a ditch.
We had a fabulous first week of shows with Daniele Fiaschi.
IMG_20150205_150630 (1)
What a great guitar player, and what a nice guy. We’re so grateful to MC Hansen (of The Sentimentals) for introducing us. It was great fun to tell people that we met our Roman guitar player through our Danish guitar player. This wide world makes no sense sometimes. I still laugh when I remember that I met MC through MySpace. Ha!

We battled through the first week – I had the flu and Rip had bronchitis and eventually, his cough and my lack of voice won out, and we had to cancel the second week of shows entirely. This was a huge bummer on many levels. For one, we had just gotten in our groove with Daniele, and we were really sad to not have that second week of playing with him (though we’ll have more shows together in March). For two, we don’t play, we don’t get paid… so that week of lost shows was a kick in the butt, to be sure.

We drove the 14 hours from Licata to Lucca in silence (well, the sound of Rip’s wheezing lungs kind of filled the back of the van). We went to the doctor, got chest xrays, got all sorts of heavy antibiotics and steroids and inhalers and sedatives and after a week of serious convalescence, we are more or less back in the saddle.

Problem is, the van started making a funny noise on that long ass drive back to Lucca, and sure enough, it’s got some major damage. New belts, generator, pulleys of various sorts… I don’t know all the names in English, but I do know it’s going to cost about 1200 euro, and it may not even be ready by our show tomorrow (in which case we’ll teleport to Cecina because I’ll be damned if I’m missing another show).

It’s hard to keep touring sometimes. Our camera got stolen out of our B&B in Sicily. The van. Sickness. Crazy unusual weather. There was a freak snowstorm in beach town we played in Sicily. The locals were looking at us like we were carrying the evil eye. Actually, a friend of mine here in Lucca has offered, in all seriousness, to take me to a woman she knows who will remove the evil eye. I don’t know what it entails but I’m considering it.

Joe Reyes arrived today (YAAAAYYY!!! Some good news and a true ray of sunshine). We’re supposed to get started on shows again tomorrow. Hopefully we’re getting back on track. To that end, we’ve decided to ask for donations for the van repair fund. Every little bit helps, and everyone who donates will get an unreleased track. I’m still sorting through the back catalog to figure out what it will be – and it might be a few days before I get it to you – but make sure I have your email address when you donate, and it will come. 🙂

Thanks for helping to keep us on the road. <3 Vanessa & the dudes