WITH THE SENTIMENTALS is now available!

With The Sentimentals

It’s here!
It’s record-release day here and we are super-excited to share this album with you.
Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the album and helped us finance the production and final printing. We appreciate it so very much.

We are getting ready to leave on a 3-month tour, so if you’d like to order an album or a tee, please consider doing so this week so we can get it shipped to you in a timely fashion. The funds will help us put gas in our tank and food in the hungry bellies of 5 musicians. 🙂

If you order through Bandcamp, you’ll get a link to download the album digitally should you desire to listen right away. Go for it.

Once again, we really love you guys. Thanks for listening!

Sentimentally yours,
Vanessa Peters
M.C. Hansen
Jacob Lundby
Nikolaj Wolf
Rip Rowan