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Vanessa Peters is excited to announce the release of her latest album, "Mixtape." Out Friday, April 24 on her independent label Little Sandwich Music, the album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Rip Rowan in her home town of Dallas, Texas and is an eclectic collection of 10 tracks that span indie rock, classic rock, and folk-rock genres. Among its many highlights are gems such as the stirring "You and Me" by Tom Petty, a dreamy take on New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," and an explosive rendition of The National's “Pink Rabbits." Other tracks include an Americana-tinged version of America's "Sister Golden Hair" which becomes a subtly feminist anthem in Peters's velvety voice, and the top-down summertime jangle of "The Weakest Shade of Blue" by the Pernice Brothers. Tracks by indie folk-rock artists like Patty Griffin, Sarah Harmer, and David Bazan keep the album anchored in Peters's classic genre.

Peters was joined in the studio by an all-star cast. Ace guitarist Chris Holt (Don Henley) is featured on a handful of tracks, while Dallas punk-rockers CLIFFFS were the rhythm section for the lead-off track "Aside," originally recorded by Canadian punk-folk band The Weakerthans. Peters's European band The Electrofonics back her on their marvelous rendition of "Sister Golden Hair,” recorded while on tour in Germany last fall. The rest of the tracks are in-studio duo creations dreamed up by Peters and her multi-instrumentalist producer Rowan who covers drums, bass, keys, and string arrangements. The result is - as the title suggests - a mixtape of some of Peters's favorite songs, performed with her favorite musical collaborators.

The album will be available everywhere where music can be discovered April 24. Pre-orders are available now at

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Track listing:

1. Aside (The Weakerthans)
2. The Weakest Shade of Blue (Pernice Brothers)
3. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) *
4. Florida (Patty Griffin)
5. Lodestar (Sarah Harmer)
6. Hard to Be (David Bazan)
7. Pink Rabbits (The National)
8. Sister Golden Hair (America) *
9. You and Me (Tom Petty)
10. Packing Blankets (Eels)

*abridged versions for radio available on request


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